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Long silicone gaskets

Silicone sealing profile is widely used in various fields of human activity, as it has unique characteristics. Its main purpose is to create high-quality compaction in various types of modern equipment. Products are available at a reasonable price in LLC "ELIZ". Products made from silicone rubber compounds are mass-produced at the factory and have more than 1000 types. Moreover, the number of silicone sealing profiles increases by 10 new types every month, as customers constantly contact the company with their drawings and samples. It is on them that the designers of "ELIZ" develop new products.

Main types of sealing profiles

The company produces silicone seals using high-quality raw materials. It is supplied by leading manufacturers both from Russia and from foreign countries.

By contacting the company ELIZ, you get the opportunity to buy silicone seals of the following types::

  1. Long-length products made of foamed or monolithic silicone, with or without adhesive tape.
  2. Seals for doors and windows, characterized by increased durability ( 20 years in UHL conditions). Silicone seals do not lose their elasticity and do not require lubrication during operation, do not leave black marks on plastic windows.
  3. Large-diameter silicone rings made from high-quality silicone profiles . They are glued together or vulcanized in a closed loop. Such products are often used for food autoclaves.
  4. Sealing products used in the assembly of modular structures.
  5. Special seals for process equipment used in the food industry. These can be bread makers, cookers, smoking units, drying units, and so on. In this case, only heat-resistant profiles made of silicone rubber are used.
  6. TU 38 1051959-90 "Rubber parts and plates for aviation equipment. Group technical specifications"

All products can be viewed by downloading catalog of profile products.

Also on the page "catalogs" you can download other catalogs and materials about the company.

Presentation "Silicone seals for modular building structures"

Presentation "Sealants for food processing equipment"


LLC "ELIZ" accepts orders for the production of RTI according to TU 38 1051959-90 " Rubber parts and plates for aviation equipment. Group technical specifications"

Our company has many advantages:

  • The widest range of manufactured products and the possibility of manufacturing silicone sealing profiles according to customer's sketches and drawings
  • Use of high-quality raw materials from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of JSC "Kazan Plant SK", LLC "Penta", LLC "BMP Chemical", WACKER Chemie AG, Momentive Performance Materials, BlueStar Silicones and others.
  • Flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each client
  • The deadline for reviewing the delivery of standard products is no more than one business day
  • Delivery of products by combined motor transport or rail
  • Availability of a wide sales network in Russia in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Orel, Irkutsk, Perm, Novosibirsk.
  • Availability of a sales network in neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan.

More than 150 companies cooperate with us throughout Russia and neighboring countries, which proves our reliability and quality of our products.

By phone 8 (4922) 533-836 we will answer your questions or place an order from 9.00 to 18.00 on business days. You can also send us an email to support@eliz.ru and our experts will contact you in the near future.


Modern production of silicone sealer allows you to make a profile of different shapes. The following products are available to consumers today:

  1. T-shaped silicone sealer, which has gained popularity in construction due to its properties — high elasticity, good strength, excellent ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
  2. P-shaped silicone sealer, used in the creation of frying cabinets, electric stoves, heat chambers and other equipment that is used in the dairy, meat, food, confectionery industry.
  3. E-shaped silicone sealer used in bread makers, chambers where fish, meat or vegetables are smoked or preserved. Such products are also used in equipment that processes dairy products, or in the production of various edible oils and even mayonnaise.
  4. D-shaped silicone sealer designed to create a good seal on certain areas. At the same time, it can withstand high temperatures. It can often be found in doorways and window openings, refrigerator chambers, ovens, and so on.
  5. U-shaped silicone sealer used in the food industry, construction, and mechanical engineering. This application of the product is due to its resistance to ozone, ultraviolet radiation, light and corrosion.

Consumers also have the opportunity to purchase a silicone trapezoid sealer. The product of this shape is used for sealing furnace doors, drying chambers, autoclaves and other similar equipment. This product does not break down, even if it is constantly in contact with steam or high temperature. It is also resistant to air and light.

Production of profile seals

Silicone long seals are produced by syringing through forming dies, followed by hot air vulcanization in one or two stages. Raw materials for sealants are mixtures based on siloxane rubbers, fillers and additives.