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Silicone O-Rings for Geyser Coffee Makers

Geyser coffee makers with proper use and proper care are designed for many years of operation. However, some parts of the coffee maker may wear out.

Most of all, in geyser coffee makers, special sealing rings are subject to wear, which hold the sieve in the upper part of the coffee maker and ensure a tight fit of both parts to each other.
Со временем под воздействием давления и перепада температур резиновая прокладка теряет упругость и эластичность, что сказывается на герметичности: кофеварка начинает подтекать и шипеть во время приготовления кофе.

How to choose the size of rings for a geyser coffee maker

One of the most common questions that arise at the stage of choosing rings is: "How do I know how many servings I have a coffee maker for?" If you bought a coffee maker a long time ago, you may well have forgotten how many cups I have
it is designed for espresso (especially if you prefer cappuccino, Americano or latte coffee). But that's okay! To find out which set you need, simply take out an old sealing ring, measure its outer and inner diameters, and check the table:

Inner diameter of the ring, mm
Outer diameter of the ring, mm
Ring thickness, mm
Ring number when ordering
Applicability and approximate volume of the coffee maker
GASKET VIGE. 754142. 360-176-03 PROZR. / 51X40X3 / G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
GASKET VIGE. 754142. 360-177-03 PROZR. / 57X42X3 / G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
BIALETTI 2 bowls.
GASKET VIGE. 754142. 360-178-03 PROZR. / 65X50X3 / G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
BIALETTI 3/4 cups.
GASKET VIGE. 754142. 360-179-03 PROZR. / 72X55X3 / G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
BIALETTI 6 bowls.
GASKET VIGE. 754142. 360-180-03 PROZR./81X64X3 / G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
BIALETTI 9 bowls.
LAYING VIGE. 754142. 360-181-03 PROZR. / 90KH74KH3/ G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE
BIALETTI 12 bowls.
LAYING VIGE. 754142. 360-182-03 PROZR./92KH74KH3/ G. 1A; 4; 11 TV-T 63-69 SHORE A
BIALETTI 18 bowls.

How to replace the seal of a geyser coffee maker

  1. Unscrew the top of the coffee maker (hold on to the body, not the handle).
  2. Pry the seal with any flat and narrow device (the easiest way is with a flat screwdriver), remove it together with the filter.
  3. Rinse the coffee maker of any "coffee debris" that may have accumulated under the seal and filter.
  4. Clean the old filter and remove the new seal from the packaging. Rinse the new sealer.
  5. Put the sealer on the filter and insert it in the upper part. Push the sealer down until it fits into place (under the thread).

Materials: Food grade Silicone

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