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Electric insulation pipes of the ETEK and ETEX ceramic-forming brands

Improving the fire safety of cable products for many years remains a very urgent task all over the world. The reason is that the most significant share of fires is associated with the ignition of cable products and the further spread of fire through cables and cable communications.

Electroinsulating ceramic forming tubes ETEK and ETEX

Scope of application

As an electrical insulation, fire - and heat-resistant protective shell of power current-carrying cables, cores, safety wires in particularly critical areas, for example, fire alarms, connections to fire warning systems. ETEK and ETEX tubes are ideally suited as a protective shell that can withstand the action of fire in case of fires, providing reliable insulation of the conductor.

Operating principle

The ETEK tube made of a ceramic-forming rubber compound creates an electrical and thermal barrier. When exposed to high temperatures (fire) on the ceramic-forming silicone rubber, a mineral strong ceramic-like dielectric layer is formed on the surface of the conductive cores, which ensures the operability of the fire-resistant cable in fire conditions. The rubber compound used in the production of ETEK and ETEX pipes is characterized by a very low content of harmful substances in the combustion products as a result of flame exposure, does not create an aggressive environment, and forms a strong, dense hydrophobic ceramic-like layer. The ceramic layer formed by the combustion of organosilicon rubber is not conductive even at high temperatures.

Technical specifications

Parameters Result, not less than *
Hardness, units Shore A 65
Nominal tensile strength, MPa 6,5
Elongation at break, % 250
Specific volume electrical resistance, Ohms * cm ≥1015
Dielectric strength, kV / mm ≥22
Operating temperature range, 0C -60÷+300
Maintenance of working capacity during flame exposure, min (according to GOST IEC 60331-23-2011) 180
Standard color **

* The data shown in the table are for informational purposes only and are typical characteristics of the material and cannot be used for drawing up technical specifications.

** The color of ETEK and ETEX tubes depends on the brand of rubber compound used and is specified when ordering

The ceramic coating formed when exposed to fire has high insulation and mechanical characteristics and meets the requirements of the international standards NFC 32070CR1, BS 6387 class Z, EN 50200.