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Silicone Fishing Pads

Silicone cambreads for fishing they are tubes of small diameters and are usually used as bait for catching freshwater fish. They perfectly imitate the bloodworm, due to their color and appearance, and increase the chances of a solid catch. In addition, they are also needed for fixing the fishing rod snap-in. Thanks to the fishing cambrick, you can attach a float and sinker of any length of the keel and diameter to plaits or fishing line.

Fishing cambricks can also be applied in the form of a nod to the whip of a winter rod, connecting two cambricks together and fastening them with a nod plate. 

For the same purpose, you can use multi-channel silicone cambricks.

If you buy wholesale fishing gear from the Eliz company, you will get a lot of advantages. Our cambrics:

  • quite elastic;
  • reliable ones;
  • protect the fishing line from breakage;
  • they are not subject to rot, rust and, as a result, are durable.

Silicone fishing tubes usually have different, often variegated colors, including fluorescent and fluorescent ones.

Fluorescent silicone cambricks are characterized by bright color in daylight, and also glow in the dark under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

 Luminescent silicone cambricks contain a light-accumulating substance that glows in the dark without exposure to a light source.

As a rule, several colors are used at once, because each type of fish will suit its own combination. Fish mistake the silicone tube for the larva of a bloodworm, burdock moth, or caddis fly. It is better to place them so that the smallest segment is located as close to the hook as possible, this will help to avoid the cut fish jumping off. The segments that are closest to the center of the jig should be made the thickest, in length they usually reach 2 centimeters. 

Fishing enthusiasts found out that for each type of fish, you need mormyshki with its own color of cambric:

  • for roach, a combination of a pair of white and one black is suitable;
  • perch, on the contrary, needs a hook with one white cambric, between two black ones;
  • in those places where roach feeds on greens, it will be the right decision to take a green cambric for a jig.

To choose the color of the cambric, we recommend using the chroma table.


Wholesale production and sale of fishing cambric

When making silicone cambric, we strictly follow the technological processes to create a product of consistently high quality. To order wholesale cambric supplies, please call our managers at 8 (800) 100-11-59 or leave a request!