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O-rings for cans and flasks

Sealing rings for flasks are the main elements of multi-turn aluminum containers used for storing honey, transporting milk, and making moonshine. However, the black rubber used by container manufacturers wears out quickly, and it is very difficult to find a good replacement for it.

уплотнительные кольца для бидонов

The solution of the problem is offered to you by the company from Vladimir "Eliz". Silicone rings for flasks, produced by us on modern equipment, are significantly superior in their characteristics to existing analogues.

Product Features

Thanks to high-quality raw materials with organosilicon components and modern technologies, all products meet current regulations, sanitary and environmental requirements. Sealing rubber bands made of silicone are produced for tanks with a volume of 25 and 40 liters. They are cast in a monolithic design, with a rectangular cross-section, in accordance with GOST 5037-97.

We also produce O-rings for army thermos flasks — click on the link to learn more

Ready-made neck rings are characterized by:

* high degree of sealing;

* excellent softness and elasticity;

* wide operating temperature range (-50 0C to +200 0C);

* long service life (10 years or more).

No. according to the drawing

Outer diameter of the ring, mm

Inner diameter of the ring, mm

Ring thickness, mm


RING VIGE754142280-07-03 PROZR. / 190X155X6/ G. 1; 4; 11 TV-T 56-64 SHORE A)




The flask

 25 liters

RING VIGE754142280-08-03 PROZR./245X215X8, 5/ G. 1; 4; 11 TV-T 56-64 SHORE A




The flask

40 liters

RING VIGE754142273-00-03 PROZR./205X235X8/ G1; 4; 11 TV-T 56-64 SHORE A




The flask

40 liters


Purchase from us

Our gaskets for aluminum flasks can be purchased by representatives of all forms of ownership. There are various calculation methods and payment options, and there is a discount system. Leave a request on the website or call the specified phone numbers. The company's managers will contact you.