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Seals for autoclaves and medical sterilizers

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The company "ELIZ" offers businesses and private customers to buy seals for autoclaves in Vladimir in the range at manufacturer's prices in any volume.

Autoclave seals are large-diameter silicone rings made from high-quality silicone profiles . They are glued together or vulcanized in a closed loop.

The products retain their performance parameters over a wide temperature range and can be used repeatedly.


Sealer maintenance procedure

Industrial and medical seals for sterilization are subject to maintenance, which is carried out as follows::

  • after completing the work cycle, the steam valve is closed, otherwise the gasket will collapse due to high temperature;
  • mechanical loads on the gasket are eliminated;
  • it is necessary to regularly clean both the door and the seal itself.

Gaskets have a certain service life, at the end of which they must be replaced. The term can be adjusted depending on the intensity and operating conditions.

How to determine the seal replacement time

The service life of seals for sterilizers from the manufacturer is indicated in the attached documentation, but they can change, both in the direction of increasing and decreasing. You can determine that it's time to replace the product by the following criteria::

  • reduction of elasticity parameters;
  • cracking, which usually looks like a fine mesh;
  • determination of the actual leakage of the working medium from the tank.

For replacement, the process cycle stops, the lid or door opens, and a special equipment option allows you to push out the old gasket. The installation site is cleaned of dirt and a new seal is installed.

Advantages of cooperation with the company "Eliz"

In our company you can buy seals for autoclaves wholesale small and large at factory prices without cheating resellers. The products are certified, have passed production control, and are accompanied by guarantees. The cost of a batch depends on its volume. Orders are accepted by phone, online, by e-mail and in our office. Delivery can be made to any locality in Russia. Orders are accompanied by a full package of documents. Regular customers are served under special conditions.

Our customers are also manufacturing companies from the medical engineering industry. We produce heat-resistant seals for the doors of sterilizers, autoclaves and disinfection chambers. Product quality and reliability are our main criteria. We are committed to long-term cooperation and individually approach each client.

By phone 8 (4922) 533-836 we will answer your questions or place an order from 9.00 to 18.00 on business days. You can also send us an email to support@eliz.ru and our experts will contact you in the near future.