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Transparent Silicone tubes with food grade approval

Properties and applications

Transparent silicone tubes with food grade approval are mainly used for aquariums, drinking water, milk, alcohol, juice, vegetable oil and vinegar supply. Such tubes are also used in medical equipment and chemical laboratories. The operating temperature ranges from minus 60 to 250 degrees Celsius. The tubes are non-toxic, physiologically inert and have excellent electrical insulation properties. Hydraulic tubes are valued by aquarium owners for the fact that they do not emit dangerous substances into the water that can harm the inhabitants of the aquarium. Such tubes can serve for a very long time to pump water with the products of the vital activity of aquarium inhabitants. Such tubes are also used in medical equipment and chemical laboratories. Today, silicone tubes are the most popular format of silicone products. No wonder silicone is a material that has many unique characteristics, which will be discussed later.

Advantages of silicone tubes manufactured by Eliz

The food tolerance of our silicone tubes is the maximum and meets all international standards. In addition to excellent heat resistance, the tube material is completely neutral to any gaseous and liquid media, it has no taste or smell. The safety of sterilized tubes for human tissues is also important. They also perfectly cope with the effects of ozone, precipitation, weak acid solutions and ultraviolet light.


Terms of sale

Quality is our main reference point in working with our partners, while we do not forget to reduce costs and try to reduce the price of all products sold. Eliz is a company with a 25-year history and sales throughout Russia and the CIS. You can always buy transparent silicone tubes with food approval directly from the manufacturer "ELIZ". You can do this either via the form online ordering serviceas well as by traditional methods - by phone 8 (800) 100-11-59 and e-mail.