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Supply chain

We always consider the possibility of cooperation with suppliers. We have selection criteria that ensure high quality of our products.

Check out the name of the materials used in our production:

  • Corrugated box with a logo. Need up to 3000 pcs. per month.
  • Fluorosilicon and a mixture of organosilicon rubber (silicone) with SHORE hardness from 35 to 80 units. - filled and not filled, fire-resistant, oil-and fuel-resistant, with food tolerance, heat-resistant Demand from 10,000 to 17,000 kg per month.
  • DHBP-45-PSI peroxide. The need is from 5 to 20 kg per month.
  • DCLBP-50-PSI peroxide. The need is from 10 to 30 kg per month.
  • Coloring paste (white, black, red-brick, red, green, blue). The need is from 10 to 20 kg per month.
  • The tape is adhesive (scotch tape). The demand is from 40 to 70 rolls per month.
  • Organosilicon Silotherm varnish 32. The demand is from 150 to 300 kg per month.
  • Xylene. The demand is from 250 to 400 kg per month.
  • Workwear and safety shoes.
If you have any questions about cooperation, please contact the head of the support service and the AHO Igor Vladimirovich Mokeev по телефону 8 (4922) 47-90-45 или электронной почте mokeev@eliz.ru.