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Electrical Insulation Silicone Tubes

We produce various types of electrical insulation tubes made of silicone rubber compounds. Our product range includes the following types of tubes:

Mass-produced pipes TCR, TKSP, TTSP-SV and TTS-SV are certified by POZHSTANDART in the System of Voluntary certification in the field of fire safety (NSOPB) for compliance with the requirements of NPB 244-97, GOST 12.1.044, GOST 28779 (IEC 707-81), which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. Certificates can be viewed in the section under the link.  


All products can be viewed by downloading catalog of electrical insulation pipes.

Presentation "Heat-resistant reinforced electrical insulation tubes with increased resistance to impregnating lacquers and oils TETS-PM"

Presentation "Heat-resistant self-extinguishing tubes resistant to flammability of TTS-SV, TTSP-SV and TTSP-SVPG brands"

Nomenclature catalog of electrical insulation tubes made of silicone rubber compounds and thermoplastics

In addition to our own products, we sell TLV tubes and TV 40 tubes, as well as heat-shrinkable tubes and stocking cords made of glass or polyester threads.

Our company has many advantages:

  • The widest range of manufactured products and the possibility of manufacturing profile products according to customer's sketches and drawings
  • Use of high-quality raw materials from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of JSC "Kazan Plant SK", LLC "Penta", LLC "BMP Chemical", WACKER Chemie AG, Momentive Performance Materials, BlueStar Silicones and others.
  • Flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each client
  • The deadline for reviewing the delivery of standard products is no more than one business day
  • Delivery of products by combined motor transport or rail
  • Availability of a wide sales network in Russia in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Orel, Irkutsk, Perm, Novosibirsk.
  • Availability of a sales network in neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan.

More than 150 companies cooperate with us throughout Russia and neighboring countries, which proves our reliability and quality of our products.

By phone 8 (4922) 533-836 we will answer your questions or place an order from 9.00 to 18.00 on business days. You can also send us an email to support@eliz.ru and our experts will contact you in the near future.

You can download our product catalogues at "Catalogs".


The chemical raw materials market is full of various products. Tubes made of silicone (organosilicon) rubber are in high demand. One of the market leaders in the production of such products is the company LLC "ELIZ". The silicone tube produced by our company is always available at the price and availability of finished products in stock. Raw materials for the production of our products come only from trusted suppliers. At the factory, there is strict quality control of all manufactured goods.

Scope of application of silicone rubber tubes

Now every consumer knows where to buy a high-quality silicone tube or hose to take advantage of the unique properties of this product. These products can be used in various fields.

  • Food-approved silicone tubes are used for moving liquids in aquariums, supplying drinking water, milk, alcohol, juices, vegetable oil and vinegar, in medical equipment, and chemical laboratories.
  • Silicone tubes for general industrial purposes are used as a seal or gasket with a shock-absorbing property, for additional insulation and passive protection of electrical cables, output and installation wires of electrical equipment, current-carrying elements of electrical devices and radio equipment, bundles of insulated wires, end sealing and repair of high-voltage cables.

Silicone tubes are used in the following industries:

  1. As a consumable material in the food industry, including catering organizations and enterprises that use and manufacture food equipment equipped with silicone tubes for the supply of various liquids.
  2. Medicine and medical engineering, where silicone tubes are used in IVs, artificial respiration devices, blood transfusion devices, medical equipment for providing liquid media, etc.
  3. Electrical engineering, radio engineering, instrument engineering, nuclear power engineering, transport engineering

The wide range of product use forces consumers from different fields to know where to buy silicone tubes of the right diameter. The inner diameter of non-reinforced tubes can vary from 1 to 50 mm. The internal diameter of reinforced tubes can vary from 1 to 30 mm. In this regard, the silicone tube, the price of which directly depends on the internal diameter and wall thickness, is sold at different prices. This should be kept in mind when making an order to the company "ELIZ".

We sell silicone tubes for all regions of the Russian Federation. We sell food, medical and technical products at affordable prices. We sell not only transparent, but also colored silicone products. To order handsets, you just need to contact specialists during business hours using the phone numbers listed on the resource, or leave an electronic request.


Electrical Insulation Silicone Tubes

By design, silicone electrical insulation tubes can be reinforced and non-reinforced . Reinforced tubes are a structure made of fiberglass, organosilicon sublayer and organosilicon (silicone) rubber. Non-reinforced silicone tubes are made only from silicone organosilicon mixtures without reinforcing glass shurchulka. The properties of the manufactured silicone tube are directly affected by the composition of raw materials, the technology used, and certain features that are taken into account during product processing.

Range of electrical insulation tubes made of silicone rubber

In" ELIZ " there is an opportunity to buy silicone tubes of different types. The product range consists of the following product types::

  • flexible silicone non-reinforced tube of the TKR brand;
  • flexible non-reinforced electrical insulation tube TKR-M;
  • non-reinforced TRT high temperature resistant tube;
  • electrical insulation non-reinforced silicone self-extinguishing flame-resistant tube TTS-SV,
  • non-reinforced fire-resistant ceramic-forming electrical insulation tube of the ETEK brand;
  • flexible non-reinforced electrical insulation tube with high resistance to impregnating lacquers and oils of the TKR-PM brand:
  • flexible reinforced tubes TKSP and TKSP-PG;
  • heat-resistant reinforced tube, resistant to flammability, brands TTSP-SV and TTSP-SVPG;
  • heat-resistant reinforced tube, resistant to oils and impregnating lacquers of the TETS-PM and TETSPMPG brands;
  • electrical insulation reinforced fire-resistant ceramic-forming tube of the ETEX brand;
  • Thin-walled frame electrical insulation tubes of the TESC brand, which are glass-whiskers impregnated with an organosilicon sublayer.

All the listed types of pipes belong to electrical insulation materials. They meet the requirements of fire safety, have high quality, confirmed by appropriate certificates. Many types of tubes are protected by trademark certificates. Therefore, you need to buy silicone tubes exclusively from the manufacturer, who is able to provide documents confirming the level of quality and safety of products.


Safety of Silicone rubber

Many consumers believe that silicone is a dangerous material. Therefore, products made from it are toxic and dangerous. This opinion is erroneous and misleading to many people.

With the help of the conducted research, it was proved that a transparent tube made of silicone with food or medical approval does not pose a threat to living beings. This is proved by the widespread use of products in the medical and food industries. If you want to buy food tubes made of silicone, we will be happy to help you place an order. The widespread use of silicone tubes and hoses is due to the fact that this rubber does not emit any smell, it also does not affect the taste sensations and does not react with other substances. This doesn't even happen when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, all interested parties have the opportunity to buy food-grade silicone tubes directly from ELIZ.

Advantages of silicone rubber tubes (hoses)

All silicone tubes, transparent and not only, have certain advantages:

  • the possibility of long-term operation in a wide range of operating temperatures, which varies from -60 to +250 OC;
  • high impact resistance and good elasticity;
  • products do not stick together during operation;
  • possibility of repeated de-processing and subsequent use;
  • excellent hydrophobicity;
  • the product is resistant to UV radiation, ozone and electrical discharges
  • easy to transport and easy to store;
  • inertia to various tissues and fluids of biological origin.