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RTI made of conductive silicones

Improving the fire, explosion and lightning safety of hazardous production and storage areas and workplaces by ensuring that the work area is free of static electricity charges remains a very urgent task in the world for many years.

Electrically conductive silicone heating elements, harnesses and plates made of conductive siloxane mixtures

Scope of application

Products made of conductive siloxane mixtures are used as one of the main structural elements of specialized workplaces that create conditions for the uniform flow of static electricity from the coating surface to the grounding system at fire, explosion and lightning-hazardous facilities, which creates good and safe working conditions for personnel, as it increases the fire, explosion and lightning safety of production facilities. land plots. TEL tubes, harnesses and plates are ideally suited for the manufacture of electrodes for medical equipment, favorably differing from lead electrodes in their non-toxic use, for use in radio electronics as closing contacts in mobile phone boards, various radio circuits, as well as in electrical measuring equipment as elastic electrodes.

Operating principle

Products made of conductive siloxane mixtures act as an "absorber" that collects electrical discharges and outputs them to a safe place through grounding systems.

Technical specifications

Parameters Result, not less than *
Hardness, units Shore A 50-70
Density, g / cm3 1,10-1,25
Nominal tensile strength, MPa 5
Elongation at break, % 150-400
Relative residual compression strain, % 25-50
Tear resistance, N / mm 12-16
Drain elasticity, % 40-50
Volume resistivity, Ohms * cm 1,4
Colour black

* The data shown in the table are for informational purposes only and are typical characteristics of the material and cannot be used for drawing up technical specifications.

In its production, ELIZ LLC can use electrically conductive silicone mixtures of such world manufacturers as Wacker, Dow Corning, Momentive, KCC, BlueStar Silicones, ShinEtsu, etc. based on the required product characteristics or at the request of the customer.